ELF Solar/Pedal Vehicle

The ELF is a pedal/solar hybrid transportation that is both environmentally friendly and highly functional. The ELF can be pedaled similar to a bicycle, or with the assistance of a solar powered motor The strong Trylon ® composite body is designed to absorb impact.

ELF is legally a bicycle, so it can travel on bike paths, park on sidewalks and requires no gas, license, registration or insurance.

The ELF can travel up to 20 mph on electric power only and up to 30 mph when combined with pedaling.


    • Trylon ® composite body with Solarkote ® to give the paint an incredible shine and protect the paint from UV degradation
    • 100% Aircraft Grade 6061T aluminum construction frame
    • Large diameter 26” wheels
    • Dynamic Dampening Front Suspension combined with the dual-spine construction is super
      light, comfortable and capable of up to a 550 lb. payload
    • 10 year guarantee
    • Equivalent of 1800 MPG
    • Hand-made in USA
    • Advanced LED headlights, brake lights and turn signals

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