Thank you for purchasing the new Internet Streaming Device from the GBoxguy. This guide is intended as a quick start-up instruction reference for your new device:

Starting and Shutting Down:

Please plug in all of your accessories before starting the device, starting with your HDMI cable. External devices are hot-swappable (can be plugged and unplugged while Android is running). However, it’s preferable to plug these devices in before starting the system. When all accessories and HDMI/video out are plugged in the power adapter to the unit. It will boot automatically.

To shut down the device, please be sure that you use the remote’s power button after you have exited any running apps (especially Kodi). It is important to remember that your device is a computer. Like any computer, it should be shut down properly. After the unit has been shut down with the remote you may unplug and move the device to a different location if needed.


Connecting to the Internet:

The preferable method of connecting your device is via the ethernet port for High Definition(HD) streaming While the device is capable of streaming with 6mbps in close proximity, it’s important to realize that the further away you are from your WI-Fi access point, the slower your Wi-Fi connection throughout will be. Full bar connectivity results in 20+Mbps using Wi-Fi, however losing one (1) bar drops this to approximately 5Mbps, which is sufficient for most HD content. Large files and streams will have buffering issues if the connection is not strong enough-  a possible solution is to connect via ethernet or move the device closer to your wireless access point.


To connect to the internet via Wi-Fi:

From the main page (Blue Beach scene page in Nova Launcher), click on “Q” settings, then enable WiFi by clicking Wi-Fi. Select your access point and enter your Wi-Fi password (if required).


To connect to the Internet via Ethernet:

From the main page (Blue Beach scene page in Nova Launcher), click on the “Q” settings, then enable ethernet by clicking the ethernet box. The connection will negotiate with your router using DHCP automatically. Advanced network configurations can be applied if necessary.


OTA Updates:

Your device is designed to update its firmware and base applications throughout the internet. When a new firmware update is released, you will be prompted with the option to install the new update. It is highly recommended that all updates to the device firmware be updated.  This will improve the device functionality and to fix any bugs found over time. We plan to add many new features to the device over time, which will add value to your device.


Warranty and Support:

Your device is covered by a 1 year extensive warranty. If anything should happen to your device, outside of physical abuse or water damage, we will repair or replace your device at no cost for the device itself. The customer is responsible for all shipping fees involved. Community support will be available at androidbox.us in the forums section. Official support is available by calling +1-321-209-9222 or by contacting the GBoxguy at either www.facebook.com/thegboxguy or at (239) 244-7033. Also, please view our instructional videos on YouTube at GBoxguy Videos.


Important note to TV Box enthusiasts

The device is designed to update from various servers. Installing any unsupported firmware on the device is not reversible without sending the device back to the GBoxguy. If you decide to update your box with an unsupported firmware, it is still covered by warranty. The GBoxguy will not be responsible for any shipping fees involved for recovering the device back to the factory default firmware.


Thank you from GBoxguy

We here at GBoxguy are happy that you chose our product as your home media playing solution! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please be sure to contact us via our Contact page so that we can assist you in any way necessary. Please visit www.facebook.com/thegboxguy for additional user support.